Is this the future of veg planting?

W&R Logan was selected as one of several growers across the UK to trial revolutionary planting equipment last week.  The new system, called Planttape, uses plants grown in specially designed tape to feed an automatic planter that will speed up planting times and reduce the number of staff required to complete the process.

The system also uses a plant raising technique that encourages a good tap root on the plants and significantly reduces the space need to grow the seeds, saving on greenhouse and transport costs.

Although there are some issues with germination rates to overcome, the team involved in the trial were impressed by the speeds the equipment could plant at, if not a little puffed out trying to keep up with it!

Overall the trial went well and it was an interesting exercise that highlighted the pros and cons of the new system.  If the germination rates can be improved Planttape could well be the future of veg planting.

You can find out more here

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