Campaign to Boost Spud Sales

East Lothian Produce and W&R Logan are getting firmly behind an industry campaign to promote the natural goodness of potatoes.

A farm banner and car stickers boasting the taste and health benefits of potatoes are being displayed on site at West Garleton as well as on farm vehicles. The promotional material, produced by the Potato Council, is aimed at raising awareness among consumers that potatoes are not only tasty, they are naturally salt free, fat free and low in sugar too.

It’s hoped this current promotional activity will provide a clear and consistent message to the public and help boost sales of potatoes across the UK. It will also help drive people to the website where consumers can find mouth watering potato recipe ideas and inspiration.

The promotional material is part of the industry’s One Voice campaign that brings together the Potato Council, growers, packers and other industry organisations in shouting about how good potatoes are. Billy Logan said: “As growers we know our product better than anyone so it’s important that we all act as ambassadors to get the message out there that potatoes are healthy, tasty and versatile. That’s why we are supporting the One Voice campaign.”

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