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The Beginning: From Tiny Seeds…

As a family, we’ve been farming in the fertile lands of East Lothian for three generations. In 1976 our founder Billy Logan took over the family 40-acre smallholding, and from these modest beginnings, he grew the farm into a 1500 acre operation and later established our processing and packing business, East Lothian Produce – now a busy organisation itself. Billy focused on quality and service, and used his family knowledge of vegetable growing and production to create two organisations that compliment each other 1) W&R Logan  – a farm and 2) East Lothian Produce – a processing, packing & marketing business.

The Farm

As well as growing top notch cabbage and sprouts for East Lothian Produce, W&R Logan also grows for other processing and packing companies across the UK and Europe. The farm grows Brussels sprouts, cabbage, potatoes, parsnips, wheat, and barley. A combination of owned land and rented fields gives lots of choice over where to plant what each year. This is essential for crop rotation to maintain healthy soil, both for the environment and to promote the absolute best quality in each crop, year on year.

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Processing, Packing & Marketing

East Lothian Produce is our processing, packing and marketing business. Brussels sprouts and cabbages are spruced up, ready for the supermarket shelves, while a potato grading line and dedicated grain drier ensure we give customers across the UK and Europe consistent quality and favourable shelf life.

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