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Our Environment: How we take care of the land

We recognise just how important it is to look after our environment. W&R Logan is  LEAF Marque (Linking Environment and Farming) certified, and accredited to Red Tractor Assured Produce standards. This ensures the business is working to good farming practices that not only help us to take good care of the land and the environment but also help us actively protect the environment, too.

Here are some of the steps the W&R Logan and East Lothian Produce teams take to protect the land and the environment:

  • We sample our soil to make sure we only apply extra nutrients that our crops require. This way, fertilizer is not wasted.

  • We rotate potatoes and brassicas on a 6-year cycle to protect the health and condition of our soil, so we need fewer chemicals to keep our crops healthy.

  • We hand-and machine-weed our crops rather than using chemical weed killers.

  • We use field margins around our crops to ensure our waterways are protected. This also allows our hedgerows and grass verges to flourish and act as habitats for important insects, like bees.

  • We have developed areas of ecological focus, such as ponds and woodland to help and encourage wildlife.

  • Our location close to the A1 gives us easy access to our markets, so we can keep our food miles down.

  • Our purchasing policies consider energy efficiency and we use renewables and technology, including variable speed compressors and two 50KW Solar PV systems, to minimise our carbon footprint.

  • We recycle our cardboard, packaging plastic and oil. All our green or vegetable waste is used for stock feed or for making compost to use as a soil conditioner.

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