W&R Logan Field Operations 2018-08-30T16:27:55+00:00

What do we grow? And how exactly is it done?

Our expert farm team at W&R Logan select land with soil that will provide the best growing and harvesting conditions for each crop- because we understand how important quality is to our customers and we want to get it right from the very start.

Before planting, we analyse the soil to make sure it is free from any pests or diseases that could harm the crop. We also find out what nutrients are in the soil so that we can tailor our fertilizers to make sure our vegetables have everything they need and nothing is wasted.

Our farm team only buys seeds from certified suppliers who meet specific standards so we know we use good quality seeds that will grow into healthy plants.

After planting, our field operations team, along with our BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomists, monitor and expertly care for our crops on a daily basis, right up until the day they are ready to harvest.

We name our fields and keep planting, harvesting and packing records so we can trace our produce from seed to shelf and back again.

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